O & O Nobelwind

Project coordinator


Start: 01/02/2016

End: 31/08/2019

Duration: 3.5 years


  • Academic:
    • VUB-AVRG
  • Industrial:
    • Parkwind

Budget: € 865.400

Type of funding: VLAIO O & O

Financing body: VLAIO- Flanders Innovation and Entrepreneurship – www.vlaio.be

Design validation and optimisation and residual lifetime estimation of innovative offshore foundations at the Nobelwind offshore wind farm



Project description

O&O Nobelwind is a joint research project with long-standing partner Parkwind with the support VLAIO. The O&O Nobelwind aims to reduce the cost of future offshore wind farms by in-depth monitoring of the foundation piles and the interface connection. The project involves the instrumentation of three of the monopile foundations with state of the art optical strain gauges prior to pile installation, solutions for interface monitoring and the assessment of the soil-structure interaction.


In addition to the innovative instrumentation, the O&O Nobelwind also investigates innovative solutions for residual useful life (RUL) estimation of offshore wind turbines on monopile foundations. Including the development and validation of virtual sensing and the fleet leader. While the first is a method that allows to reconstruct strain histories even where no strain gauges are installed. Complementary the fleet leader concept will allow to assess the fatigue life for every turbine in the fleet by doing the most with the available operational data.



prof. dr. ir. Christof Devriendt

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 1050 Brussels

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