OWI-lab has a long track record of instrumenting offshore wind turbines substructure with a wide array of innovative sensors.

Smart foundations

In the O&O Nobelwind (link) the OWI-lab group was able to go one step further by
instrumenting the monopile foundation prior to installation offshore. This unique set-up with optical fibers on the monopile foundations allows to gain insight in the sub-soil stresses of the monopile foundation. These insights can help later fatigue evaluation as well serve design in a better understanding of the soil-structure interaction.

Mobile measurement systems

OWI-lab VUB co-developed a mobile measurement system for short term monitoring campaings with spin-off 24SEA. This mobile measurement system can quickly be deployed and serve to gain insights in the structural dynamics of different structures with a minimal effort on the side of the owner of the asset. The mobile measurement systems operated by OWI-lab have been deployed to a wide variety of both offshore and offshore structures.