Research background

Acoustics and vibration Research group (AVRG) focuses on the development of advanced modeling techniques for vibrating structures. Such techniques will enable the development of new products in a more effective and economical way. Improved modeling techniques – including reliable uncertainty quantification – are key demands of product developers in the manufacturing industry. These new demands are driven by end-user requirements as well as more stringent regulations. These key demands are fully reflected in the research work conducted by AVRG. The research in the field of vibration is mainly concentrated on experimental and operational modal analysis. Advanced system identification and measurement methodologies have been developed to model the dynamic (vibration) behavior of complex mechanical systems starting from input/output or output-only measurements. These models can be used to solve vibro-acoustical problems, to assess damage in safety critical airplane components, for flight flutter analysis… The application field is mainly focused on automotive and aeronautical industry. Our most important industrial research partner is Siemens PLM software (formerly called LMS international), which is a market leader in this field.

Over the past years, the AVRG research group, in a close collaboration with Siemens PLM software, successfully introduced 3 modal parameter estimators to the modal analysis market. Those 3 modal parameter estimators, namely Polymax, Polymax Plus, and MLMM, are designed and developed with the aim to overcome some challenging real-life industrial cases.