3D Print Magazine covers AVRG’s Additive Manufacturing research

The 3D Print Magazine edition of March 2019 covers the Additive Manufacturing research topics at AVRG. We present our approach to print reliable, heavily loaded structural parts using the Directed Energy Deposition process. A link to the online article can be found here (page 33-35).


AVRG presents hybrid manufacturing at Machineering 2019!

Driven by our own research in smart structures, a hybrid manufacturing platform based on two Direct Energy Deposition machines combined with subtractive processes are built in-house at the department of Mechanical Engineering of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). Those machines should produce high precision metallic parts with integrated sensing. By presenting the beyond the state-of-the-art …


SBO project: Hi-PAS

We are excited and grateful to announce that FWO Flanders has granted a research budget of approximately 3 million €  for Hi-PAS that we have submitted as a coordinator. In the next 4 years we, together with our partners and the industrial advisory board, are willing to tackle some of the main challenges that are currently existing within laser-based additive manufacturing processes for metallic components in this …


AVRG was granted the large Hercules infrastructure grant HyLaFORM

In collaboration with the KULeuven PMA group and the VUB SURF and MeMC groups, AVRG is delighted to anounce that is was granted the large Hercules infrastructure grant called HyLaFORM and will act as coordinator for this grant. Within this project two hybrid additive-subtractive laser platforms will be developed. A first research platform that will be …